Dee’s Story

“Mind-Altering Experience”

My client, Dee*, was stuck in a dead-end job she scooped up after being laid off during the pandemic. She almost lost hope that things would ever change since her family was dependent on her income and there were no other employers in the area.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, her kids’ anxiety were at an all-time high and her relationship was on edge – she worried about her marriage’s survival. She worked with me for several months, and we got to go to the core issue that was the barrier to her success. Once we released that, she had an immediate energy shift that changed everything and set a chain reaction into motion.

Months later she accepted her dream job at a company completely aligned with her values, interests, and desires. She gets to work remotely without having to uproot her family. She’s valued and acknowledged for her gifts, skills, and talents and has room to grow and expand her career.

*Name is withheld for privacy purposes

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