Francoise’s Story

From Depleated to Vibrant

I’m really proud of my client (colleague and friend) that I have to share her story.

Four months ago, Françoise Everett decided to work with me. She had hit a low point in life and significant roadblocks financially, energetically, spiritually, and health-wise.

It was especially challenging because she is a visionary entrepreneur and world-class coach who has helped many women break through their financial, career, and spiritual blocks. She was frustrated that she wasn’t able to break through hers. How could she make her vision a reality when every business coaching program had failed to bring her the results she was seeking? All this wasn’t just impacting her career; it was impacting every single area of her life.

When we started working together, she and her fiancé had even discussed separation. She also experienced all types of menopausal symptoms and lost her vitality and joy for life.

She knew that her work made a big impact on others and wanted to be able to reach more women, but she was about to lose hope that she was condemned to being stuck in impossibility and go back and find work as a business consultant.

In the four months we worked together, she had major shifts every single week.

She became super clear about who exactly she wanted to work with, got message clarity with the exact verbiage that her ideal clients can connect with, and broke through barriers that prevented her from being visible on social media so she would be able to attract and re-engage with her adoring community. She let go of strategies that hadn’t worked and left her depleted, connected with potential clients in her niche, signed new clients, and had a $9K month!

She attributes the biggest shift to being able to be on the receiving end of transformational coaching, which allowed her to be even more confident about the work she does.

She finally broke free from perfectionism and overworking, both of which were deeply routed on a belief that she had to do it right or otherwise she’d be doomed or ridiculed. Childhood experiences where she spoke the truth had gotten her into trouble and silenced her for all these decades, preventing her from reaching her audience.

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