Meet the Founder

Meet Daniela Caine

I’m passionate about helping visionary leaders accelerate their careers, impact & influence without sacrificing their well-being, authenticity, and life.

To be a bit vulnerable with you ….
Even though I have been a successful Design Leader in the Global Apparel industry and built a multi-6-figure apparel design consultancy, I could never balance work and life in a meaningful way.

In the recession of 2008, after I sacrificed time with my newborn and family, my health, and my well-being for the brand I worked for, I still got laid off.

I pivoted and built a multi-six-figure design consultancy, and I was still sacrificing time and my well-being for all the clients and brands I worked with.

The turning point came with a very abrupt halt to the career I’d been building for the past two decades when my daughter started battling a devastating autoimmune crisis, and I had to walk away to focus on her. Overnight, I lost everything: My job, my financial autonomy, my identity as a designer, entrepreneur, or leader, and even being a ‘good mom’ because nothing I tried fixed my daughter’s issues.

Being able to design and do amazing products for my clients was the way I was able to make an impact and influence decision-making.

Founder of Cainetics™

Being deprived of doing what I loved felt like agony. On top of that, I was 100% financially dependent on my husband, something I swore I would never be, and I had so much shame around that.

I felt worthless like I had lost all my value as a human being. It got so bad that on one day in particular, I contemplated ending this misery.

This is when I knew that I simply couldn’t keep going the way I was going – I needed to learn how to source my value from something other than short-lived external accomplishments. I surrendered to a larger power, and started studying meditation and breathwork, which brought on a series of transcendental awakenings that forever changed my life.

Curious to find out what had actually happened, I began reading books, attending workshops, investing tens of thousands of dollars into my own growth and professional training, enrolling in programs, hiring mentors and coaches, and becoming certified in multiple modalities. Above all, I learned to source my worth from something other than short-lived external accomplishments.

Soon after, other visionary designers and creative leaders were torn between career aspirations, families and their own well-being paid me to support them.

I’ve gone on to help my clients switch employers or entire careers, empower themselves, take radical responsibility, and show up differently within their organizations. Many got the desired promotion or built their own businesses and empires, and most of them had profound transformational shifts.

And I’ve done all this, including building a whole new career from scratch, without sacrificing time with my family or my own well-being. In fact, the mindblowing thing is that the more I healed myself, the better my daughter became.

This is why I’m so passionate about helping leaders stop sacrificing for their work and let their well-being fuel their careers, lives, families, and even bank accounts!

My Certifications & credentials:

You can Transform Your Career & Life.

It’s not too late; you’re not too old, and the Best is yet to come.

You’ve achieved a lot and created many wins and opportunities for yourself and the brands you work for. The reason you’re not where you’d like to be is not because of a lack of talent, opportunities, or terrible circumstances. Even though that might be the case, you’re most likely stuck by an invisible glass ceiling that hinders your advancement and growth. I help you break through these barriers and cultivate

capacities for exponential growth, influence, and impact. I use the Cainetics™ method, a holistic approach that accelerates your momentum towards the fulfillment of your dreams. It includes energy leadership, a women-centered transformational coaching modality, trauma-informed Breathwork, meditation, and my personal industry experience working in Fortune 500 global brands.

Over the Years

My Coaching & Training Journey

i-pec Professional Coaching Training

I started my coaching education at IPEC – the prestigious Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching in April 2019.

Dr. Joe Dispenza Week Long Retreat

I began studying meditation, Quantum Physics, and the science of change under Dr. Joe Dispenza. The series of transcendental awakening experiences and the resulting months of energy expansion changed the trajectory of my life.

I begin to coach clients 1:1
i-PEC Certifications

Certified Professional Coach, and Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner.

morter Institute: Energy Codes Facilitator

Studied the Human Energy Field with Dr. Sue Morter at the Morter Institute. Became certified Energy Codes Facilitator.

Institute for Women-Centered Coaching, Training, and Leadership

Studied the science of Influence with Dr. Claire Zammit and Dr. Jean Huston.

Institute for Women-Centered Coaching, Training, and Leadership

I studied Transformational Facilitation & Leadership with Dr Claire Zammit. Koryphae, was my Leadership project and the fulfillment of a childhood dream.

Thriving Through Transitions

Facilitated my first online training.

Launch of Koryphae

Launched my Leadership project, Koryphae.

Rhythmia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

5-day Plant medicine journey.

Pause Breathwork

Studied trauma-informed Breathwork Facilitation with Samantha Skelly, and received certification after intense 6-month long training.

Journey Into Power & Monthly Breath Circles

Launch of a Breathwork-centered intensive online group program plus monthly breathwork offerings via Zoom.

Institute for Women-Centered Coaching, Training, and Leadership

Studied Transformational, Women-Centered Coaching with Dr. Claire Zammit’s.

This coaching approach, in my personal experience, is the most direct, transformational, results-oriented approach for highly creative individuals.

Soul Unleashed Retreat

Transformational luxury retreat organized and facilitated in collaboration with Ryan Washington, Tara Brown, Chelsea Rae, and Bryan Raymond at the Society Boutique Hotel in Bingen, WA.

Intentions for 2024:

  • Offer professional leadership group program – Impact Accelerator VIP Group!
  • Launch Influence Accelerator email-challenge
  • Offer Transformational Masterclasses
  • Deliver TEDx talk on Creativity

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