Jasmin’s Story

From Frozen to Unleashed

When I met Jasmin, she had bold desires for her future, but she was stuck and stopped by crippling fears and doubts that kept her in analysis paralysis in her professional life. It got so bad, she was quite literally frozen in her body with debilitating back pain that required surgery around the time we started our work together.

She shared with me she was even afraid to start the coaching relationship because she was worried she’d disappoint me if she couldn’t ‘reach’ her desired outcome. She feared she might disappoint me.

Two months into working together, Jasmin had an enormous shift when we were able to go to the root of what caused her inner glass ceiling and kept her small.

Immediately after the session she reported, she slept well for the first time in years.

Five months into working together, she didn’t just fulfill one of her coaching outcomes, she smashed two enormous ones: She moved into her own home and committed to bringing an exciting new business that’ll help so many to Oregon!

“I’ve wanted this for over 20 years and now I get to have it!”

I’m so inspired by Jasmin and I’m so glad she gave me permission to share this because I want everyone who feels stuck, in a dead-end situation or challenged by analysis paralysis and stifling fears about the future to know that you can break through this! You can make your most ambitious vision a possibility.

Don’t give up hope. Your breakthrough might be right around the corner.

I’ll let Jasmin say a bit about her experience:

And if you know someone who sacrificed so much and is still stuck in a dead-end situation and desires to make a much larger impact & influence at work and in life, I would love to help!

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