I graduated from PauseBreathwork today!

There are so many feelings – happy and sad, excited and scared, exhausted, arrived … all the things.

About a year ago during an online coaching expo, I chose Breathwork as my zoom breakout room. This is how I stumbled over Samantha Skelly and fell in love.

She said out loud what I had immersed myself in, studied for three years, what I had meditated over, what I had experienced in my body, and what I knew was the Truth. She was bold enough to speak all this out loud and sprinkle some F-bombs in there too for good measure.

She spoke soul in a way that I wish I could. I really, really liked her! She is spunky and spiritual, and down-to-earth real. When she mentioned the Facilitator trainings she offers I had a full-body YES response! In fact, I couldn’t sleep that night – I was so wired. I signed up and waited for six months before we finally started six months ago.

Here’s the crazy thing: It made absolutely no sense for me to do this training! It didn’t fit AT ALL into my vision. I had no idea if I would ever actually facilitate. Maybe I just wanted to learn and embody a different modality or tool and see where it takes me?

Midway through we went into practicum and I started facilitating – in person, via zoom, one-on-one and workshops with many breathers. And I fell in love with facilitating and my breathers! The music, the channeling, the energy exchange, the mind-blowing experiences my breathers shared with me, the energy shifts they experienced, the calm, the intuition, the service. THE LOVE. On days I felt frazzled or dispersed, preparing for a session got me right back into my center, into my happy, aligned place.

Today it all makes sense. Today I know why I was guided towards this.

Today I feel a sense of arrival. Not just because I’ve graduated. But because it honestly feels like I was meant to do this.

I’m beyond grateful and happy that I said yes. I’m sad that the learning container is over. I’m excited to bring this forward and out into the world – and I’m also worried that I won’t.

Here, now, I said it. Acknowledged the fear.

Truth is that I feel honored to be allowed to teach, guide, and hold space for others in their process. In their own healing.

And it gets to be easy and exciting.

This is an ancient old practice and modality for self-healing, self-empowerment that we are just rediscovering.

I’m so excited for you to experience it! I want to make this powerful tool accessible for as many as possible. Stay tuned because I’ll share the next steps and how you can get in on it next week, ok?

Until then!

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