Overthinking slows down your Manifestation

I’ve got a brilliant mind. I’m sure yours is too.

It’s so frigging easy to get lost and overthink things.

For most of my life, I used to live up in my head. Always doing, thinking, figuring things out, pushing, forcing … and it worked brilliantly.

Until it didn’t anymore. There came a time – and I believe it comes eventually to all of us – when thinking just doesn’t work anymore. For me, it came in the form of my daughter’s autoimmune dis-ease, high anxiety, and daily panic attacks.

Supporting her through that period of time made me feel like being caught in a cage that was far too small. Then I learned to meditate. I learned that there is another way to get things done. I experimented with it, played with it (believed I didn’t do it right) AND I manifested so many things like a home in the perfect location, manufacturing partners aligned with my vision for Koryphae, and even Breathwork using this process. Those are the big ‘proofs’ when there are countless little pieces of evidence every day that the other way works much better and faster.

And yet, I do forget. I slide back into the old programming and overthink things: thinking I’m not doing enough, good enough, start comparing myself …

So when I saw this quote today from Abraham Hicks, just after having remembered, I had to post.

As a reminder for myself.

And you.

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