International Women’s Month

As we are celebrating the achievements of women in all areas of life – science, culture, politics, art, and design I wanted to bring something new to the discussion.

A concept that totally changed my life once I learned it 3 years ago. It explained so many of the struggles I had experienced in my life.

It’s the concept of the Power Paradox.

While women as a whole have made tremendous strides! Women in the West today are the most autonomous, free, independent, educated, and powerful generation of women in recorded history.

  • we have access to over a trillion dollars of financial resources
  • graduating at higher numbers from colleges than men.
  • are now the primary breadwinners in many households in America
  • Almost half of all businesses (49%) are launched by women.
  • we for the most part have the freedom to create any partnership we’d like
  • we have all the opportunities and can pursue whatever we like.

And the Dalai Lama even said that “Western Women are going to save the world.”

Despite all the progress and all the achievements, and with all the above being true, this is also true.

  • While women are starting businesses at higher rates, 95% of us never break through the 6-figure barrier.
  • Women founders receive less than 2% of VC funding
  • This leads to women having to bootstrap their businesses which makes success harder.
  • 6 out of 10 are experiencing financial stress that’s so bad it leads to sleepless nights.
  • We are less happy, more depressed, and more unhealthy than our parents
  • Over 20% of women are on antidepressants and that doesn’t count the women who just feel unhappy and unfulfilled
  • 75% of us have an unhealthy relationship with food and our bodies even though we are told to love ourselves just the way we are. And we don’t even know where to start.
  • Half of us are living without a partner even though we’d like to be in a committed relationship.

THIS is the Power Paradox.

What is really going on here?

Research has shown that 80% of barriers and obstacles women face (and the percentage is higher for BIPOC women) are INTERNAL!

We suffer from 4 Hidden Power Blocks:

  1. The Socialized Mind: Where we believe our value is in our ability to caretake and the output we generate.
  2. The Confidence Gap: Studies have shown that women on average have to be 80% sure of something before they take action. That prevents us from going after a job interview, an idea, or a vision.
  3. The Expectation Gap: Research shows that with the same educational and economic background, women’s expectations are only 50% of those of men. For women of color, that number goes down.
  4. The Power Penalty: When women express agency, power, or wealth they are judged harshly, seen as unlikeable, and penalized for it. Just ask Serena Williams.

In the last few months and years, a string of high-powered and high-profile women leaders have called it quits: Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube, Nichola Sturgeon, Minister of Scottland, Angela Merkel, German Chancellor, Jacinda Arden, Prime Minister of New Zealand, Sheryl Sandberg, of Facebook.

Whether you like them or not, these women have been Trailblazers. And they are trailblazing now. They are leaving their jobs so that they can create success on their terms. Away from the masculine and patriarchal way.

If you want to gain clarity on what creating success on your terms even looks like, if you want to create a life of influence and impact, not just for yourself but the generations of women behind you, then schedule a FREE Life Unleashed Breakthrough call with me.

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