Laura’s Story

From Misunderstood to Understood

My client Laura is an award-winning physician who wants to revolutionize the healthcare industry and become known as a Thought Leader. That’s an enormous undertaking!
This larger battle was mirrored in her professional life by having been let go from 2 jobs. Since she is the main breadwinner in her family, going into her 3rd job in a year and a half, she didn’t want to repeat prior mistakes. She also felt like a fraud, hopeless ever to change her career and life.

This struggle affected her family, her kids, her friends and her marriage, and her self-esteem.

After working together for 6 months, we identified her core issues, helped her break through her inner glass ceiling, and release patterns of invisibility, anger, and resentment.

The changes in her life were profound!

She now gets paid to speak on symposiums, gets invited to podcasts, has established herself within her new company and is able to ask for what she needs. Her caseload just got halved while she’s being paid the same which allows her more headspace to dedicate to her vision.

There’s also a new level of trust in her marriage and the relationship dynamics within her origin family have profoundly changed even though she believed there would be no way for the situation to ever improve.

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