Big commitments pay off

Two months ago, I made a big $ commitment.

If I wanted to create the impact I desire to make, I need to get laser-focused.

I needed to get into a structure that would support me in getting clarity.


Eleanor Beaton’s Power + Presence + Position Business Accelerator was the container that got me there.

Within 2 months.

25 years of experience – 20 in apparel design leadership and 5 in coaching & transformation plus relentless curiosity and focus on solutions is now wrapped up in this program:

And to start off with a bang, join me in the launch webinar on Monday, 12/5 at 11 am PST where I’ll teach you the 3 Keys to uplevel your leadership without the hustle, overwhelm, or burnout, even when you’re navigating volatile times.

Click here to register and join us to experience a LeaderSHIFT.

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